Welcome to Switchback Fair!

Switchback Fair is a website with a difference.

It will distil the sum of human knowledge and dispense it in easily digestible chunks, gift-wrapped in a leather case. It will let you shop twenty-four hours a day. It will make you millions when it is floated on the stock market. It will do your accounts. It will forecast the weather. It will raise your IQ. It will make you coffee, mow the lawn and take the dog for a walk. It will tell witty anecdotes at social functions. It will share your interest in cult children's television. It will soothe your sore throat while it calculates the best route to Hemel Hempstead.

It will find your car keys.

Switchback Fair will sort out your love life. It will teach you Spanish. It will go in goal. It will hold your hand during the scary bits. It will glare at your neighbours in a threatening manner until they promise to do something about that hedge. It'll break you out of jail and offer you sanctuary in its villa in Acapulco. It will smite your enemies with fire and brimstone. It will provide 17% of an adult's daily dose of Vitamin B12. It's the philosophers' stone and the elixir of life. It's available in a range of colours and upholsteries. It will satisfy your every need, real or imagined.

Switchback Fair is your friend.

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